Spoiled Kid Gets 98 Inch Flat Screen TV Installed in Bedroom Ceiling



By Kingsley Dunwick -

Summit, NJ – Every kid dreams of laying in bed all day on Saturday while playing video games, but most can’t even begin to imagine doing it on a 98 inch flat screen that’s built into their bedroom ceiling. One spoiled kid was fortunate enough to get this very set-up.

Stacey Atkins, the mother of this spoiled brat, promised her son Aiden, that if he “would just shut up for 5 minutes, because mommy has a headache”, he would be able to pick something out at Best Buy. When the mother-son team arrived at Best Buy later that day, Aiden walked immediately towards the TV section to pick something out. Nine year old Aiden found the nearest sales representative, and proceeded to ask “which one of these TVs is the biggest?” Nate Johnson the fortunate Best Buy employee that got to cash in on this monster sale, brought little Aiden to the 98 inch projector. Just as Nate began to tell the little boy about it,  Aiden announced, “We’ll take it!”

Stacey finally figured out where Aiden was just as Nate was processing the sale. Tonya, a Best Buy customer was there to witness the transaction. She said, “I just knew that when his mom got there, she was going to laugh it off and tell the sales guy to stop, but she took one look at her little son’s cute little face, and said ‘If you promise to stay in your room and not bother me, you can have it’”.

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  1. jeff #

    stupid kid should have mounted it right over the top of the bed, that way if it falls it smushes him

  2. Cody #

    It’s not physically up there, so unfortunately, it can’t smush him… What a loving mother, to make her son promise to stay in his room and not bother her…

  3. keith cram #

    if its not physically up there then the story is wrong – it says “flat screen” – if its a projector pointed at the ceiling that is not a flat screen. a flat screen is either a plasma, an lcd, or, now, a LED tv.

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