Michael J. Fox Presses Charges Against McDonald’s Customer Over Milkshake

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By James Goblet -

Los Angeles, CA - Actor Michael J. Fox may have starred in some of the highest grossing comedy films in the 1980’s and 90’s but when he stopped in a McDonald’s late last Saturday night for a Big Mac he wasn’t laughing.

Fox was waiting in line when a man, identified as 20-year old Skippy Bateman allegedly approached Fox with a vanilla milkshake he had purchased and told Fox to “shake up my milkshake, bitch” and then poured the contents of it on Fox’s head.

Witnesses claim Bateman appeared intoxicated and was shouting obscenities about the 1980’s NBC sitcom “Family Ties” – which Fox starred in. Fox’s bodyguards and another customer quickly subdued the man.

“I’ve got the munchies at McDonald’s at 2 A.M and some guy starts shouting at Michael J. Fox and pours a milkshake on his head. It was totally bizarre,” said witness Dan Schneider, also in the restaurant at the time who starred in his own 1980’s ABC sitcom, playing the fat kid from the show “Head of the Class.”

Bateman was reportedly screaming that his “parents were obsessed with Family Ties” and they had named him after one of the recurring characters, Skippy, who was a nuisance to Fox’s character of Alex Keaton and the rest of the Keaton family. Bateman claimed he never lived down the name, was constantly teased throughout childhood and suffered through bouts of depression.

Fox has fought a public battle with Parkinson’s disease in which medication can cause the body to shake. LAPD were called to the scene and Bateman was arrested and arraigned on Monday. He was released on $5,000 bail and is scheduled to appear for a preliminary hearing to face charges of assault, harassment, and disorderly conduct on August 10th. Michael J. Fox’s publicist could not be reached for comment. Dan Schneider then purchased a double quarter-pounder with cheese.

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